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How to Stop Being Passive Aggressive

How to Stop Being Passive Aggressive PhotoPassive aggressive behavior is a negative personality that most people who cannot express their feelings possess. It is a disorder that hinders a person from communicating properly. This can sometimes make people avoid the person who is showing this behavior. However, there are different ways to eliminate this negative behavior from our system.

Know the signs 

This is the very first thing that should be done in the process. Diagnosis is very important in order to determine the kind of treatment needed. Here are the different symptoms that will let you know if the person has a passive aggressive behavior:

  • He/she cannot talk straight to you when he is angry. He cannot directly point out his message when he doesn’t like something.
  • Refusal to communicate and cooperate.
  • Tendency to criticize people in an indirect way.
  • Denying that he/she is angry but it shows in the tone of voice and the way he/she moves.
  • Sarcastic tone
  • The thought of revenge

Be true to yourself 

After realizing that you have a passive aggressive behavior, you must confront all the negativities in your system and start being true to yourself. Be honest to yourself and the people around you. If you do not want something, you must tell it in a straight and in an inoffensive manner. Try to take all the grudges inside your heart by opening up to the people who have indirectly hurt you.

Be optimistic

This is a very important behavior that can help you not only in stopping passive aggressive behavior but also in creating a harmonious relationship with the people around you. If you are optimistic, you will always see the good in every person and you would stop feeling bad about them.

Always try your best to create a harmonious relationship with the people inside your home, within the workplace or in school.

Be confident

Lack of confidence and uncertainty about how you look in front of the crowd is one of the reasons why a person develops passive aggressive behavior. Before you can fully trust other people, you should trust yourself first. You need to be sure of your worth in order for you to do that. You are beautiful, God has given you so much gifts and you should be always put that in your mind.

A person who knows that he/she is well loved and that he/she is trusted in the society is far from this type of behavior. Sometimes, how people look at you is not really the problem; its how you look at yourself that makes you feel resentful and angry with everybody. So, if you really want to stop this type of behavior from consuming your system, you have to love yourself and be happy about what you are right now.