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How to Stop Being Self-Centered

How to Stop Being Self Centered Photo

If you’re someone who’s self-centered, you need to find ways to stop it. This is a really bad habit and it will hold you back. People are generally not going to respond well to you. You will wonder why you can’t seem to make friends easily.

Learn the signs

Maybe you don’t really notice that you’re being self-centered. If this is the case, you need to watch out for the signs. These might be different for different people. Being self-centered manifests in various ways.

For example, for one person, it could show in the words they use. Perhaps he keeps on referring to himself in conversations. He doesn’t seem to listen nor care about what others say. He just wants to discuss his particular problem or issue.

Put a stop to the signs

You need to become conscious of what you do and say. When you can see that you’re falling into the bad habit, stop yourself. Do something or say something different. Prevent yourself from sliding down into being self-centered.

For example, if you can hear yourself talking about yourself again, just stop. Then make a conscious effort not to talk first. Instead, focus on who is talking and try to listen. Then, show that you’re listening by responding appropriately.

Learn empathy

Try to learn how to put yourself in the shoes of another person. Try to see an issue through their eyes. Don’t just focus on how something affects you or your life. Practice empathy so you can get out of this rut.

You need to begin to understand where other people are coming from. From there, you can learn to be more concerned. You will begin to realize that other people’s needs may be greater than yours. It helps give perspective.

Help others

One way to stop thinking so much about yourself is to help others. This takes the focus totally away from you. For example, one way to do this is to volunteer. Take some time to help people who are really in need.

Maybe you can volunteer to help out at a retirement home or an orphanage. Change the focus of your life. Make a conscious effort to think about others instead of yourself. Turn your attention away from your own life.

It’s a good idea to stop being self centered. This type of behavior can really rub people the wrong way. It can also close doors and reduce opportunities. So keep this advice in mind.