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How to Stop Impulse Buying

How to Stop Impulse Buying Photo


Impulse buying is something that most people consider as budget ruiner. Indeed, it is. It may be fun to be able to purchase stuffs you see at the mall, but once you get home, you’ll surely feel devastated that you just wasted a big amount for nothing. This situation is not new anymore; many people have even been wondering how they can avoid it. If you’re one of these individuals, then you’re reading the right article. Here are a couple of handy tips to avoid impulse buying.

Follow the time rule

One effective way to stop impulse buying is to follow the time rule. If you would see something that you badly want, wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour. After that, ask yourself “do I still want it?” Most people will answer no. See, the point is time rule means giving yourself enough time to think about the product and assess yourself if you really want it. By following this rule, you’ll surely be shocked at how much cash you can save up.

Don’t go to the mall with an empty stomach

It’s very important that you DO NOT step into the mall with an empty stomach. Do you realize how many food chains and cafes there are in a mall? If yes, then most probably you also know what’s going to happen next. You end up checking each meal in every food chain and café, and will soon leave you empty handed. If you’re lucky enough, you may meet free tasting scenarios, but that seldom happens, so most likely you’ll be spending all the way.

Don’t shop when you’re mad

Another no-no is to shop when you’re mad or upset. Studies show that going to the mall with a negative emotion in you will push you to purchase items that will make you happy, but won’t really be useful. These items will just increase impulse buying and will ruin your budget for sure. But it doesn’t mean you should just lock yourself in a room, you can still check malls but you have to know the difference between window shopping and actual shopping. It’s best to leave your money at home to ensure that every dime will be saved.

Always remember your financial goals

If you’re saving for a car but you can’t stop impulse buying, most probably that car will never be yours. Go and ask yourself “what is more important, that dream car or an additional mobile phone?” Of course, the car is more important, especially that you already own a phone. It’s wise to keep your financial goals in mind and ensure that you keep track of your financial responsibilities.

Stick to your budget

If your grocery budget is $100 for example, you have to live with it. Whatever material thing you want to purchase if you money can’t sustain it then it shouldn’t be purchased. This way, you’ll be more accustomed in avoiding impulse buying, and soon enough you will surely overcome it.

Shop with a list

This rule is as plain as it is. Always bring a shopping list with you when going to the mall. Anything that is not in the list, even if you have excess money, should not be bought. It may be stressful at first but you’ll soon get used to it.