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How to Stop Spam

How to Stop Spam PhotoIt’s a good idea to learn how to stop spam. It can be quite an inconvenience to receive this unsolicited email. It can clog up your inbox. Also, some of the email messages sent could actually be phishing emails in disguise.

Use temporary email addresses

There are actually websites which offer temporary email addresses. You can use these when registering for a website online. Or you can just apply for a separate email address with Gmail or Yahoo Mail. The idea is to not use your main email address.

This way, if those websites send you spam, then you’ll receive it somewhere else. You won’t have spam from different services all arriving at your main address. This is also helpful because sometimes people stop using a website. So, even if you stop using a service, you won’t worry about receiving email from it.

Don’t just post your email address online

You have to think about where you post your email address online. If you post it just anywhere, this can be used against you. For example, if you post your email on a forum, a spammer can use it. Since they know the address exists, they can send you all sorts of email.

If you need to give people a way to contact you, find other means. For example, forums usually provide a way for other members to contact you. This could be via private message. So you won’t have to post your email address on the forum.

Be wary about raffles

Sometimes, you will come across raffles online. They might say that you just need to provide an email address to join. Consider this carefully before you give your email address. There’s a chance it could open you up to spam.

So, think about whether the company is the one you know. Is it legitimate and is it a website that you trust? If it’s a site that you haven’t heard of, you can also check the privacy policy. But it’s better to be careful.

Check for an unsubscribe option

If you receive spam, check if the email message has an unsubscribe option. It’s supposed to offer you an easy way to get off the list. Ideally, if you click on the link, you should be able to stop spam. Or at least, you should be able to stop spam from that source.

Unfortunately, if the spam is from an illegitimate source, this could backfire. It could signal that the email is being used actively. So this is more of an option for spam from credible sources.

Spam can be an annoyance and a time waster. In addition, it can make it harder to view the email that’s important. So keep these tips in mind and apply them. This will hopefully result in less spam in your inbox.