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How to Sublet an Apartment

How to Sublet an Apartment Photo

You will be going out of town for quite long time, or planning to totally leave your apartment for a business, or whatever reason you may have, it is always easy to sublet an apartment for the remainder of you lease term.  Although, there are some precautions that you need to observe before passing your apartment to another lessee.  Following are your guide on how to sublet an apartment.

Talk to your Landlord

The primary person that should know you will sublet your apartment is of course, your Landlord. Before passing through the next phase of subleasing, your Landlord’s approval must be taken into consideration. Talk about the matter then finalize your decision of subleasing your apartment. If there’s an agreement you’ll need to settle, be clear with that first so that it will not result to any misunderstandings. If you already had the permission to sublease your apartment then that would be the best time to head to the next step.

Keep your assurance

After talking with your Landlord, finding a sub lessee will be your next step. Keep in mind that your apartment lease terms and conditions are still entitled to you so it is necessary to be assuring that the sub lessee will understand and follow the terms and conditions you will agree upon. A friendly advice, search for a sub lessee that is part of your family. If you have a relative that’s needs an apartment, better offer it to him/her so you can have the guarantee. But if there is no one in your family tree that needs one, be sure to never loose contact so you can keep an update about the apartment. This is a very essential part of subletting an apartment because no matter what, you will be responsible on any rental and other damages that the sub lessee may cause. Keep a background check on any potential sub lessee.

Dispose an agreement

After having the sub lessee, make him/her oriented of all the terms and conditions of leasing the apartment. This is very crucial so, make sure not to miss any detail your sub lessee needs to acquire. Make an agreement letter and contract so your arrangement will be protected by a document. Keep a copy signed by both of you.

Inform your Landlord

After everything that was settled, it is the time that your landlord will know the sub lessee personally hence, he will be fully aware of everything. If needed, let him know the arrangement you and the sub lessee agreed upon. Before the end, make sure that the entirety of the subletting is clear to the three of you so it will not cause any confusion afterwards.

Subletting is easy to do but there are details that you may neglect. Do not make subletting with a very short time; you need to be prepared before pushing it. Be profound on every detail and carefully close the deal. Never miss even a small detail; it may lead to a bigger problem in the end.