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How to Submit a Press Release to a Newspaper

How to Submit a Press Release to a Newspaper PhotoOne good way of publication for your business announcements is by submitting a press release to a newspaper. Since this kind of service from newspaper companies is for free, it doesn’t guarantee a quick or the actual posting of your submission. However, you can still try your luck and you will have no regrets as you won’t bring out money from your pockets.

Here are the steps on how you can submit a press release and have you announcement publicized via newspapers.

Create the press release

Prepare your press release. Create a well-written one thatis clear and concise.  Complete your press release by trying to answer the five “WH” questions: who, what, where, when and why. Enter a headline and you first paragraph must appear like it is newsworthy. After creating the press release, reread and proof it for errors.

Determine the guidelines for submission

Figure out and follow the submission guidelines of the newspaper company where you want to send the press release. Some online newspaper companies would prefer it to be sent thru email. You can call the newspaper headquarters or speak to the editor who is in charge of the section that has relation to your content to ask about their preferred method for submission.

Submit the press release

Follow the newspaper’s requirements and submit your press release on their preferred way and format. Make sure that it is on the right format as they might refuse to accept your submission or delete it without letting you know if it has been sent in a different format. Only make sure that you will submit your press release to only one recipient or publication at a time. It won’t be good if the newspaper company will see that they are in the same e-mail list with their competitors.

Include materials

You can try to add images to your submission to make it more interesting. Avoid sending files with huge file attachments as it might clog the inbox of the newspaper company. Realize that your press release might end up to junk mail if it happened.


Call the newspaper headquarters to follow-up on your press release after a few days if it hasn’t been published. Verify if they have received your submission and you can also ask them for further information or assistance regarding the press release.

Remember that your press release, although perfect, might be rewritten by a newspaper staff before it will be published. Even though this is the case, there should be no worries about it because after publication, you’ve just saved money for your business.