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How to Surf the Web Anonymously

How to Surf the Web Anonymously Photo

With the World Wide Web, information is served to every person in a silver plate. But with this much information, a person might feel vulnerable with the amount of data he releases in the internet.

So, how do you protect yourself from other people knowing what you do while you’re surfing? Here are 5 uncomplicated ways on how you can surf the web anonymously.

Check browser settings

If you’re sharing your laptop or desktop with someone, you can always check the settings of the web browser. Every web browser now has a “hide” application (Private Browsing for Firefox and Incognito Mode for Chrome). While in “Incognito mode”, for example, your computer won’t save your browsing history and cookies.

To put Firefox in Private Browsing, click the main menu button (orange “Firefox), and click “Start Private Browsing”. For Google Chrome, open a window then press “Ctrl+Shift+N” altogether to show a new window but it will be in Incognito Mode.

Download tools or apps

If you want more in-depth protection, you can download tools and applications in the internet that would enable you to surf anonymously. The tor is an example of such software. With Tor, you can stop websites from tracking your IP (Internet Protocol) address and other personal information.

You can also download software that changes, masks or randomizes your IP address so you will not be traced. An example of this is Privoxy, a free non-caching proxy software that modifies web page data and control access. It also helps remove ads and other Internet junk, so it’s pretty nifty.

Use proxy server

One of the easiest ways to hide yourself is to use proxies. They are as a middleman between your computer and the rest of the internet. You can actually use a proxy from Japan even though you’re somewhere in Brazil or Canada.

To change your proxy server, go to the options page of your browser, then advanced settings. For Firefox, find the Network tab, then click the Settings button under the “Connection” part. Click the option for Manual Proxy Configuration; enter your new IP, then click OK button. For Google Chrome, under advanced settings, find the button that says “Change Proxy settings”. There you can change the IP address and then click OK button.

Check out websites that hide you

Let’s say you’re not into the whole proxy server thing, and you prefer the effortless way to conceal yourself. There are a lot of websites that can hide your browsing history, your location and everything else. Such sites include MegaProxy, Fsurf, TryCatchMe and Heeky.

Once you enter these sites, you can find an address bar. You can type your desired website there and website will act as your invisibility cloak. Even banned or blocked programs in schools and offices are sometimes no match for these online proxy servers.

Pay for anonymity

Lastly, if you have money to burn, why not pay for your anonymity? Anonymizer is a paid software that hides you when you’re sending emails. They also have Nyms service, where the software uses disposable email addresses to protect your true email identity.

It doesn’t have to be hard for you to conceal your identity from the public. How you use this anonymity, of course, is up to you.