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How to Tell if Your Interview Went Well

How to Tell if Your Interview Went Well PhotoApplicants feel pressured and nervous before their job interview. They also feel the same thing after as they do not know if their interview went well.

You may be trying to go back to your conversation and check if there are things that you could have done better during the interview. Since you do not know if you have performed well, it worries you so much that you want to go crazy. To help you out, here are the steps to indicate that you’ve done well:

Check if a good rapport has taken place

One good indicator that you have done well is if the interviewer feels comfortable on having a conversation with you. You can tell that if you were able to build a rapport and have discussed things over the topic. If he smiles a lot and dwells on some topics beyond the job description, then that is a good sign.

Consider the length of interview

Were you able to time your conversation? If your interview went longer than it has been scheduled and you’ve answered all questions well within that time, this might be telling you that the interviewer likes you and that you are a good candidate for the position.

Consider if you feel like you’re being oriented

If the recruiter had shown around the building and you are being introduced to other team members, then this is a solid proof that you’ll get hired for the job. Why waste their time on walking you around if they will reject you? Why introduce you to team members if you won’t be a part of them? Work places will only disturb their busy staffs if they will include you on the team.

Review the questions that were asked to you

You can easily read the recruiter’s thoughts if they are going to hire you once they’ve asked about the below things:

  • The interviewer had asked you about your preferred schedule.
  • The  interviewer had asked you if you can refer more applicants.
  • The interviewer had asked you of salary expectations.
  • The interviewer had asked you to go back for more interviews.

The interviewer’s behavior

Your interviewer’s behavior while in an interview plays a big 0role in determining whether you will get the job or not. Check if he smiles a lot, shows a positive body language and responds to your questions with enthusiasm. Some interviewers will tell you know about how good you were before the interview ends and this is another point for you.

When it comes to an interview, it is not only the interviewer who should be studying you. For you to be more comfortable and not be puzzled anymore of the outcome, you also have to be observant on how your interview goes. Once you’ve seen that the above indicators are all positive, expect a call from your recruiter and celebrate!