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How to Think Outside of the Box

How to Think Outside of the Box PhotoIn a layman’s term, thinking outside the box simply means thinking unconventionally or looking from a new point of view. Here are some ways that you can practice thinking more creatively.

Look for random inspiration

Try to focus on other possible solutions which are not related to the problem. Elicit an uncommon idea that you would normally not think of. Random thoughts may not seem to create a connection but look closer and find a link that others haven’t come to think of yet.

Get out of your comfort zone

More often than not, the most creative solutions come highly unexpected. Try to search for new ideas especially those that you do not consider normal. It could be a little frustrating but you will be amazed at how far your mind can go if you will just let it wander.

Generate as many ideas as you possibly can

When you want to come up with new ideas, do not stop yourself from thinking even those that you already consider absurd. There is no such thing as a wrong idea when you are thinking outside the box. Do not be afraid that others may reject your ideas. Just write everything that comes to mind and use the list to pick out which ideas you think are the most interesting.

Turn things upside down

Whether physically doing it or just thinking it inside your mind, you may try to imagine things from another angle. Simply changing the point of reference will show you another angle which could provide possible solutions. Some of the greatest ideas come when you try to look at things from another perspective.

Have the courage to challenge theories

Even if things had always been that way since you could remember, it does not mean that is has to stay that way forever. People in the olden days used to think that the world was flat until someone proved that it is round. Ask questions when in doubt and do not make conclusions right away. You could be surprised at the answers you will get from a simple inquiry.

Sometimes, your creative juices will flow more abundantly when you get in touch with nature. Increase your awareness of the world around you and notice how far your imagination could go. Do not try to hold yourself back if your thoughts start to roam farther. Just let it go wherever it wants to go and you will be amazed at the random thoughts that will lead you to start thinking outside the box.