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How to Trace and Collect Debts

How to Trace and Collect Debts PhotoWhenever someone borrows money from you – whether that’s a company or a friend or a relative – they appear to be loyal and trustworthy angels. But once they realize they can’t pay you back or when they simply do not want to repay, vanishing from your sight is their next step. Indeed, tracing and collecting money from a debtor can be a formidable challenge. This is a stress to those who don’t know their rights as a lender.

To guide you from being lost in the world of desperation, there are some useful tips on how you can successfully find that debtor and get your money back.

Get back to the papers

If you can’t contact the debtor via emails or phone calls, the best thing to do would be to go back to the papers and documents that were settled between the two of you before you handed the money. You might find an address on these documents or perhaps the names of  relatives.

Finding any information from such papers will be of considerable help towards finding the debtor. With the technology today, it will be exceedingly easy to find people and even their relatives.

Do it formally

If seeking personal information has a negative result, you can go straight to the debtor’s company. Because the human resource department tends to be protective of personal information, it’s best if you will prepare papers and documents that will prove your intention to the debtor.

Asking to meet the debtor in his office may not be a good idea thus, showing the company staff your real purpose will most likely give a positive result.

Hire professionals

The last resort towards finding a debtor would be to hire professionals. There are tons of companies today that focus on providing such services. These companies also offer diversified methods of locating an individual. Choose one that has the best method and in no time, you will surely be able to contact the debtor again.

Send a letter

If he still refuses to pay after days and days of asking, the next step would be to hire a lawyer. Tell him your story and ask his guidance on sending a letter to the debtor. This is one effective way to get your money without dealing with a chaotic process.

Take it to court

Bringing your case to court will be your last step. This way, the debtor will be forced to face the case and pay you back. This is foremost  if you’re dealing with another company rather than a personal kind of debt.

Nevertheless, this step is still applicable for personal cases.

Tracing a debtor can be a tremendous challenge but asking him to pay you is something that’s more complex. That is why you have to be extra cautious before lending your hard-earned cash. You should also ensure that you keep in touch with the debtor every now and then so that tracking him will be easier.