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How to Trade Stocks

How to Trade StocksMost people lose money while trading stocks. According to Stock Exchange Secrets, 90% of new traders lose all of their capital within the first year. That is a scary number to newbies. And because of that, those who are not determined to make it big through the stock market, probably will never be part of the 10%. If your goal is to be a part of the winners, the following ideas will be of great help.

Learn the basics

Do you expect a child to be able to do multiplication without having to learn addition first? Probably not, right? Well that simple concept is the same when you want to be involved in the stock market. You will have to go through the basics and work your way up.

Learn about the stock market lingos and jargons, who, what, when, where and how. This will consume a great deal of time so you may want to allocate enough time for this. Everyone who made it big in the stock market had to go through the basics, too, and you most likely won’t be an exemption.

Set aside capital

When investing in the stock market, you should have a ready capital that you can comfortably afford to lose. The odds are against you and if you do not know how to protect your capital through different stocks market secret strategies, then you’ll likely end up hurt.

Losing money in the stock market is not u
ncommon. Some win, most lose. That’s the rule. You can either play by it, become one of the few winners or you can relax and join the losers. Either way, setting aside capital for your investments is a good start.


Technology brings advantages that were not available in the past. Today, you get to simulate stock market scenarios and hone your skills before you actually start trading.

Although this may not guarantee success in the stock market, this offers you better chances of increasing your skills even without actual experience yet. Of course, experience is still the best teacher and your simulation experience may just help you learn quicker.

Hire a broker

Even while doing stock market on your own, you will still need brokers to complete the deal. You can trade stocks traditionally on the exchange floor or electronically. If you prefer the traditional way, you will need your broker to be on the floor looking and making deals with other brokers in person. If you do it electronically, your broker will access the electronic system and trade stocks through it.


With enough knowledge through research and skills through the simulation, you can now commence investing in the stock market. Let your broker know that you have not much experience and that you will most likely be needing more help. Just make sure not to spoil your brokers too much. Just give them enough access to help you but not control you.

Don’t expect your wealth in the stock market to boom on the first day of trading. This is a process and all you’ve done is just the start. You will need to learn more as you go along. Investing in the stock market is not for the faint-hearted. Work your way to the top just like what other successful stock traders have.