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How to Travel on a Budget

How to Travel on a Budget PhotoTravelling is one the best leisure activities one could do. It is relaxing as well as fun as you learn to adapt a certain culture as you travel. This could not only boost tourism on a particular town or country, but also boost their economy as well.

But for budget travelers like you, planning on where to allot your money for travel can be difficult. There are a lot of factors to consider like the place of travel and how high the cost of travel may take. But the answer to your problem lies here. Travelling on a budget is not impossible to do.

Plan ahead

Budget travelers always plan ahead of their travel. Research about your destination, the currency exchange and how much money it would cost you for the whole travel experience. These are all essential details for you to have a hassle-free vacation.

According to the US Travel Association, there are about 96 million Americans who plan to travel on the past year. This includes 76% of them as online planners.

Online tickets

Buy your tickets online if possible. There are better deals to find on the internet with regards to airfares and hotel bookings. The earlier you book your flight, the cheaper the ticket price. Hotels also provide early bird promos for those who book at least 3 months prior to your date of arrival.

Peak and off-peak season

Different travel destinations have different peak and off-peak seasons. For you to save a lot, it is better to go on vacation when it is off-peak season. Peak season tend to have the highest number of tourists so hotels and aircraft increase their rates as they try to accommodate everyone.

Dot the spots

Decide what tourist spots are you going to visit on a particular place. There may be a lot of places to visit but you may overspend from your budget if you’re doing so. Choose which you think is most worth visiting that would also fit on your allotted budget. Make an itinerary for your travel to save time and money.

Bring your personal necessities

Pack all necessary items for your travel like packed food, water, toiletries, towels and even umbrellas if needed. If possible, do not buy it on airports and on the country you will visit. These may be extra little things but if you try to add all your expenses after your travel, you will see how much dollars you have cost.

Choose mode of transportation

Travelling is so much fun when you walk around. Aside from that, it also saves you cash too. The fun with walking is that you get to see locals and their daily living. As much as possible, do not ride cabs because they will be costly, especially if you have no idea where you are going to.

You can also ride on public transportation like trains, bus or trams. These are cheaper ways of travelling. Other countries also provide easy access for tourists like Hong Kong. They provide a prepaid tourist card that can be used on any mode of public transportation in a very cheap price.

Experience local dining

Don’t go for fine and expensive dining when on travel. Experiencing real food on local streets is the heart of travelling. Go on night markets if you can because there are cheap local cuisines that you can have a taste of. Not only you have saved a lot of money, but you get to try the diversity of culture too.

When travelling even on a budget, the secret of making it worthwhile is to enjoy every minute of it. You don’t have to be luxurious to be on vacation. What matters is that you are flexible enough to try new things and be up for a budgeting challenge.

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    My personal favorite is to travel off-season. But if the weather is too bad in the off-season, consider the shoulder season, which is the time between high and peak. Prices are not as high as in the top season, but weather usually isn’t as bad as in the off-season.