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How to Travel on a Low Budget


You’re the adventurous type of person but not really terrific in handling money. Wanting to go to a place but you think you don’t have enough money to afford all the costs involved in your endeavor?

You really don’t need so much money if you want to go to a place you like. Careful planning and wise budgeting can get you to your wonderland. In fact, many backpack travelers don’t have a lot of cash in their hands to get to places they like.

If you’re low on budget, you can still go to that place you’ve wanted to go to. Here are a few tips to remember on your next adventure.

Go to a cheap destination

If you want to spend only a little then choose a place that fits your pocket money. Research the economy of your destination so you’ll know how much you’ll have to spend when you get there.

You wouldn’t want to get to a city full of hotels and high-class establishments. You’ll never save money from a place like that. If the area is becoming more urbanized, cost of commodities will also be higher.

Go to places where the services are cheaper than usual: the food served on diners is cheap but the servings are big, taxis are not the main mode of transportation and known establishments are rarely seen in the place.

Look for airfare promos

Very popular are airfare promos and packages that save you money when you’re in low budget. Look for these promos on company websites or online promo sites. You can also inquire on their helpdesk about packages or discounts they offer.

Buses, trains and cruises also offer promos and discounts. Just don’t be afraid to ask if they can offer something for low-budget travelers.

Be friendly

Many travel bloggers recount stories of how they got lots of discounts and freebies from places they went – they befriend the locals.

Communicate and build a rapport with the locals. Get to know them more and their culture. Help them when they need a hand. Be kind and receive kindness in return.

If they like you, they might give you some freebies. Some might offer a discount on a product or service.

Avoid the holidays

Holidays and peak seasons means there will be a larger influx of people, increasing the demands for everything. Increase in demands will result to higher prices of goods and services.

Travel during off season to avoid high costs. You’ll also avoid competing with a bunch of people when going to tourist spots. You get to enjoy your travel more and avoid all the hassles that might come up.


This might be the area where much of your money will be spent when in a low budget adventure.

You really don’t have to spend that much eating in fancy restaurants. Look for cheaper places to eat that offer the place’s specialties. You might get discounts if you befriend the locals and tease them to try their exotic meals!

Look for cheap places to stay

Avoid hotels. Even if there are discounts if you book early or coupons slashing some dollars off your bill, it’s still a hotel and they will still cost you some money. Look for transients or similarly cheap places to stay instead.

Rising in popularity among travelers is couchsurfing. CouchSurfing.org provides places that have minimal to free accommodation fees around the world. You just need to register on their site and provide personal details that will verify your identity.

The idea behind this is that you look for people willing to offer their own place in exchange of some local goodies from your country. Travelers will be sharing the place with the homeowners as if they’re part of the family. It’s a terrific way to save money and know more about the people and culture of a certain place.