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How to Walk Confidently

How to Walk Confidently PhotoYour walk is a very important part of your personality. Your mood, attitude, confidence and your ability to earn friends or a modelling job can be determined by a simple walk.

Walks have different names and types. It could be a strut, stride, stroll, saunter or an amble. This can also help on your posture and looks. Here are the ways on how you can walk confidently every time.

Wear the right thing

Make sure that you wear the right shoes and a comfortable pair of jeans or slacks. Wearing the wrong pair of shoes may cause foot injuries and wearing the wrong pants won’t let you do a nice and comfortable walk. Before going out, feel everything that you wear and test those by going around the house.

Don’t slouch

Walk with your shoulders high or pulled back do not slouch. Slouching can make a person look weak and it can easily be seen that you are not confident about yourself. Don’t hide your breast or anything about your figure. Check on the mirror and see what you look like whenever you slouch. It surely doesn’t look nice.

Walk carefully but maintain the attitude

In any pace, walk carefully and maintain your posture. Look where you are walking into but do not look down every time. If you do keep your sight only on the floor, you could find yourself splatted on a mirror wall or a post. Be cautious if you’re out of the streets especially if you are crossing the road. If you are on a hurry, walk swiftly with strong and careful steps.


Smiling can push you to walk beautifully and confidently. Greet everyone you know as you pass along the way and forget the insecurities about your body.

Exercise with a book

Improve your posture for walking by practicing with a book. All you need to do is search for a hard-covered book and draw a straight line on the floor. Place the book on your head and walk through the line without touching the book or even lifting your hands for balance. You can start walking slowly until you get to the right pace. Practice this until you were to keep the book from falling for many turns.

Maintaining a good and confident walk can give you a lot of benefits. Don’t worry to be tagged as a trying hard person at the start as it will be natural on you once you get used to it. So practice until you get to perfection.