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How to Work as a Freelance Journalist

How to Work as a Freelance Journalist PhotoIt can be an exciting job to work as a freelance journalist. If you would like to have career on this, then you should get your feet on this field. However, it can be difficult to look for jobs but here are things that you can do to make it a lot easier.

Prove you are qualified

You can start by creating your portfolio. It is best to write a lot of articles as most jobs would require work samples. Whatever you are interested in, write articles about them. Keep copies of the best articles that you have written and show them to editors. Prove that you are suited to work as a freelance journalist. By setting up a website where you can publish your work, you can just add the link of your site when you contact editors. This will be much easier and quicker for the editors to assess your capabilities.

Start low

It is fine to take low-paying jobs at first since you are still starting on this. With this, you can slowly build your reputation as a freelance journalist. When you have impressed various editors and have proven to clients how good you are with your work, then you can increase your rate or they may offer you an excellent salary.

Find more work

If you are in the freelance word, you are aware that work opportunities won’t chase you. You have to present yourself to those seeking for your capability. Probably, you can write for a local newspaper so that you can enhance your skills in freelance journalism. Most of the time, they are seeking for writers who can contribute various articles. Adding this work experience to your resume can be an extra point.

You should keep looking for work even if you still have some available in your plate. You know very well that writing projects don’t last forever. Thus, it is best to keep looking for more work that you can handle.

Constantly market your work

It is necessary to market yourself and your work in a frequent basis. Moreover, there are lots of websites wherein you will be able to advertise your skills. You can also deposit your resume or CV in such websites if this is offered. If an employer requests for your resume, then you can simply do this by email and attach your portfolio or work samples.

If you wish to have a career being a freelance journalist, then you need to work independently. Furthermore, become familiar with the different aspects of the business and recognize story ideas that are attractive to readers so that editors will accept and publish your story.