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How to Work on Cruise Ships

How to Work on Cruise Ships PhotoWorking on cruise ships can only mean fun, excitement, new friends, great experiences and free dream journeys while earning lots of money. Have you ever dreamt to be one of those cruise ships workers?

A cruise ship is composed of different kinds of services: customer service, boating professionals, culinary and a lot more. To become one of their staffs, read on the following steps:

Check if you are fit to work on a cruise

Even though it’s nice to work in a cruise ship, there are still a lot of things that you have to consider.

  • Are you afraid of water? If you are, you should have rejected the idea of being in a cruise ship at first thought.
  • Check if you suffer easily from seasickness. If you do, then it is not a good idea to proceed.
  • Ask yourself if you are fine working for 7 days a week and up to 14 hours a day. You can get a 3 to 6 months vacation within contracts but once you’re in, it will be a continuous job.

Know the jobs that you can apply for

First, make a list of your skills. Cruises are always in search of people who can entertain passengers like fitness instructors, musician, lifeguard, dancers and photographers. You can also apply for being an administration staff, waiter or a sales person.

Understand the operations

Make a research about cruise ship and understand how it operates. Know the roles and responsibilities of different people who work there and have an idea about the hierarchy.

Apply first for the big companies

It is now wrong to dream and start big in this industry. Conduct another research for the biggest and wealthiest cruise ship companies and send an application for different positions that caught your attention. Here are some of the companies that you can choose from:

  • Princess
  • Carnival
  • Royal Caribbean International
  • Disney Cruise Line

Get used to the job

It may be a tiresome job but it pays off big time.  Aside from doing your tasks, you can make friends with a lot of people in the ship. Keep a smiling face, be approachable and have a positive attitude at all times.

Being in a cruise ship is a dream for people who love to travel by water. To be a successful cruise ship crew you just need to maintain a positive aura, provide excellent service and don’t forget that lady luck is just around the corner.