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How to Write a Complaint Letter to Your Landlord

How to Write a Complaint Letter to Your Landlord PhotoWriting a complaint letter to your landlord is something that should be well thought of. Even though it is an expression of complaint, it doesn’t have to be offending and vulgar.

It is indeed your landlord’s responsibility to take care of problems you will encounter in regards to the facilities or other things within their premise. So if ever they failed to perform their duty, it is your right to make complaints but in a nice and professional way as much as possible. Here are the steps on creating a complaint letter to a landlord.

Reassess the situation

Before complaining, it is always best to regress and reassess everything that has happened or simply check on the contract and terms that you’ve signed. Make sure that the contract applied to the issue in question before addressing it to your landlord. If you proved it to yourself that you are in the right side, then you will be confident to raise complaints.

Make sure that you’ll be understood

In the complaint letter, it is important that you will make yourself appear professional, logical and well-educated. To make this happen, treat your complaint letter as a cover letter on a job application where in you make sure that it makes sense, has correct spelling and grammar, and polite. Read your draft before finalizing it to make sure that it can be easily understood.

Maintain the good attitude

This is all about your tone throughout the whole complaint letter. You may have some troubles on different concerns about the premises but you have to keep in mind that you will be communicating with someone whom you must establish good connections with. You may need your landlord’s help in the future so it is best that you will remain in good terms with each other after your complaint letter.

Address your requests clearly

Make specific requests to your landlord about what he needs to do to fix your problem. State whether you want him to fix something in your rented place or to talk to other tenants that you found to be disturbing. Remember that you’re tone must remain polite and not bossy.

Inform landlords of applicable laws and your rights

If you feel that you have been badly inconvenienced because of problems that you encounter within the premises, you can express your displeasure and include your conditions if the problem was not fixed. Make sure that this is in accordance with the law and reference it in your letter. If there is a breach of contract that is happening, don’t hesitate to remind your landlord about it and say whether you are intending to withhold rent due to this.

It is advisable to include a response time and inform the landlord about it. Also include that this is covered by the law, which it is mandatory for landlords to respond to their tenants in a certain period of time depending on your state. Print and sign your name at the end of the letter.

So that’s how you can create a complaint letter to your landlord. Always remember that you still have to show respect and politeness towards everyone, despite different issues that you are encountering.