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How to Write a Good Sales Letter

Business letter


Sales letters are like salesmen transformed into text. They’re used to persuade potential customers into purchasing a product or service offered. It’s important to know how to write a good sales letter as it can be a big factor in closing a deal.

There are many samples in the internet to help you get a view of how one should look like. To make you an even better sales writer, here are necessary points to remember:

Make it simple and direct

Your letter should lay bare your intentions straight off the bat. No use beating around the bush. Stalling will only make readers bored and will possibly dismiss your letter for presenting a very long introduction.

Use familiar words. Employing jargons and uncommon arguments to exhibit the neoteric vendible of your company will just induce a state of chagrin among prospective clienteles.

Design and layout should be meek

Fancy designs can ruin the mood and sincerity of your letter. Keep it simple with designs at the minimal level. The layout should be straightforward to avoid distracting your potential client.

Some letters might include images or designs; it all depends on the kind of business you have or the product you’re selling. If you’re selling a magazine, it might be beneficial to include images of front covers to entice customers.

Rule of thumb: it is more professional to keep things straight and simple.

Write as if you’re facing the customer

As much as possible, acknowledge your customer personally. Indicate his/her name in the letter to indicate that the letter was specially made for him/her. Usually, surnames are used to make the letter professionally sound.

If you don’t know the name, use a salutation with the most proximity to the context of the letter. For example, if you’re trying to promote a dog shampoo, you can use “Dear Dog Lover” as greeting. Similarly, you can use “Dear Friend” even if you’ve just got acquainted. This is better than using the generic “Sir/Ma’am”.

Customers are the center of attraction

Use of proper pronouns can be a great factor in determining whether a letter is good or bad. Avoid using “we” or “I” in your letter to describe your product. Instead, use “you” to shift the focus onto your customer.

Take for example the phrase “we offer the following services”: the center of attention is your company and what you can provide. It will sound that the company will be the one to get the benefits and not the customer.

Shift the attention to your customer by using this phrase instead: “you can get the following services”. This one makes the letter more centered on the advantages the customer will get if the service is purchased.

Show them how you can help in their needs without thinking too much of what your company will  gain.

Highlight the benefits

Introduce the product in the first page of your letter. Emphasize on the benefits the deal can bring to your customers, like price discounts or free delivery services. Briefly state in your letter why they should trust you and your products.

Justify your claims

Back your claims with proven studies or user testimonials. Potential customers want to know the experiences of other buyers in using the product or service. They want facts and figures, not just some info from a crystal ball.

Add some incentives

Putting some extras to make your offer more delectable can be effective. Tell how they can get huge discounts and some gift certificates if they avail your offer within a prescribed period of time.

Use a postscript

Usually, people count how many pages they will read when they receive a letter. They’ll skim each page until they reach the last page where a postscript can be found. Take advantage of this human habit of skimming and put in a postscript, briefly summarizing all the contents plus extra offers.

If you got their interest, chances that they’ll read your whole letter would be higher.

Use bullet points

Lengthy paragraphs can be an eyesore to a person who doesn’t have much time to read. Emphasize important points using bullets and make your letter an easy read.