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How to Write a Letter Introducing Your Business

How to Write a Letter Introducing Your Business PhotoWhen your service business is fully set-up and ready to start operations, the next thing that must be done is to write a letter to prospective clients. This is the usual recourse when the company is engaged in providing a type of service like janitorial, landscaping, and other related businesses. A business proposal is necessary as the first step towards getting a contract for services.

Make use of a company letterhead

To make the business letter more official, it is important to come up with a letterhead with a company logo if possible. Include also the license or registration numbers so the recipient will know that you have already registered your business.

Identify your addressee

When you write a business letter to a company, it is better to conduct a research and identify the officer who will be reading your letter. It must be addressed to the decision maker and not just a clerk of the company.

A mere “to whom it may concern” addressee is not advisable. When the officer is named in the letter, it becomes more formal and creates the need for the addressee to talk to you personally even out of curiosity. This approach is more business-like and personal at the same time.

Introduce your business

Since the letter is both personal and formal, it makes sense to start it with a little acknowledgement for the time spent by the addressee to read the proposal. Afterwards, your company must be introduced and it includes the kind of business that you are offering.

Identify the solution you intend to provide

This is the part where you have to offer a solution to the needs of your prospect. Your service must be highlighted as able to provide solutions. They have a need for your service and you are willing to be a partner with them.

Keep it short and simple

The entire business letter must be no more than two pages. If everything can be written in just one page, then the better it would be for the reader. Make sure to use simple words that can communicate well your intentions.

Don’t forget to sign

After the body of the business letter, do not forget to sign and also include in what capacity you are signing the letter.

It is important to make a follow-up after a few days that no calls were received. In most cases, your persistence can help a lot in getting that first batch of customers to your business.