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How to Write a Professional Resume

How to Write a Professional Resume Photo


Aside from wearing the best and most professional attire you have, another factor that plays a vital role towards getting that dream job would be your resume. Well, an iron-flat paper with no signs of crumpled parts isn’t enough. You should know that the HR department won’t even bother forwarding it to those who are in the higher position if your resume is lame. Here are a few tips to make a professional resume, sweat-free.

Tip #1: Use the right type of resume

When submitting a resume, it’s important to have it formatted in the best way. You can go and create a functional resume, a targeted, chronological, combination, mini resume or perhaps a non-traditional one. All these have their own characteristics, but the bottom line remains the same, be sure to choose the format that suits you best. After all, your resume is all about you, not about the company. Thus, fitting it to your situation is advised.

Tip #2: Use every available resources

Even though you already know about the basics in creating a CV, still it would be healthy to check online. You can search on “how to create a resume”, “resume writing advice” or ” resume cover letter tips”. All these are considered professional resumes, but they have different writing styles. This factor can be of great help in bringing you one step closer to that dream job of yours.

Tip #3: refrain from relying on templates

Learning how to write your own resume means learning how to refrain from using templates. Most people tend to use it too often that it appears plain and boring in the eyes of the interviewers. Your aim is to get the big boss reading your resume, not dumping it in the trash just after a glance.

Feel free to bold and italicize the important key points. This will surely catch the attention of the HR.

Tip #4: Be creative

One common mistake of most applicants is that they tend to overdose their future employers with scanned certificates. So, if you’re sending your resume online, why not attach a video, an image or an article, instead of piling it with all your certificates? You can also send them your best work that is relevant to the position you’re applying in. The employer will surely have an idea of your skills. There’s then a bigger chance for you to be hired immediately.

Tip #5: Do not use “I”

When explaining your characteristics, skills and even the duties you’ve had in your past job, refrain from using “I”. Instead, give your future employer the urge to read all throughout by using powerful descriptive words. This way, every beginning of the sentence will automatically push the reader to literally read it instead of only skimming.

Tip #6: Do not include unnecessary facts

If you have worked for a certain company for 2-3months only, it’s not wise to include it in your resume. This may give your potential boss the impression that you won’t stay long in the company as well. If you plan to put a “reason for leaving” in your past workplaces, it’s also not advisable to put reasons such as due to small salary or everyday seems to be an overtime day. This will give them the wrong impression that you’re only good at whining.

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