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How to Write a Proposal Letter

How to Write a Proposal Letter PhotoAnyone who is engaged in business must be able to communicate properly. Indeed, communicative skill is something that cannot be taken lightly when it comes to business. For instance, you need to be able to communicate properly when making proposals. One very formal way of doing this is through the proposal letter. Basically, the proposal letter is a formal written communication where the businessman tries to explain the nature of a particular business venture that he has in mind. The proposal letter, therefore, is something that can make or break a particular business plan.

The cover page

The cover page is the first part of your proposal letter. Basically, you write briefly your intention, as well as your plans on how to go about a certain business endeavor. The recipients of your letter will typically look at the cover letter, and their judgment of this cover letter would reflect their judgment of the entire proposal. In other words, the cover letter is very important. If you have a trashy cover page, then it is assumed that the content of your letter will be trashy as well. It is critical that this cover page is done properly.

Parts of the letter

The parts of the letter are the same as any formal written communication. You start off your page with a heading – the name and address of the company usually suffice, and this will be followed with the addressee. It is important that you write the full name and title (if any) of the addressee. You also need to write the current position under the name, as well as the office or company where the individual is working.

Introductory paragraph

The first part of the letter is a brief introductory paragraph. Usually, the introductory paragraph consists of a single paragraph which briefly cites the purpose of the proposal letter. At the same time, you can also include some of the main benefits the recipient of the letter will be receiving with the approval of the said proposal.

The main body

The main body of the paragraph consists of two or three paragraphs. In this part, you would explain in detail the introductory paragraph. Basically, the main body must have explanations about things that the recipient of your letter has most questions about. Of course, you would also need to explain how you intend to realize your proposal, and how you would need the recipient’s help.


Of course, every written letter needs a brief conclusion. Basically, you can just try to review the contents of the letter as briefly as possible.