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How to Write a Resignation Letter

How to Write a Resignation Letter Photo

Writing a resignation letter is more challenging than making an application letter. This is one of the requirements when you leave a company. You need to know the different words that will make you look good even during your last day in your position.

Resigning from your job is a normal thing. Employers will not stop you from leaving and looking for a better job so as long as you are done with all your obligations and the company’s productivity will not be stopped with your action. In this article, you will find different tips that can make your resignation letter acceptable.

Be formal yet friendly

As part of professionalism, you need to write a formal letter. Your boss should be addressed in a very respectful way. The deal here is to make it appear friendly even when it is written formally. As a former member of the company, you need to show that you have been grateful, that you have been part of the company by adding friendly words to the letter. And finally, do not forget to include your words of gratitude for allowing you to work in the company.

End everything positively

Keep in mind that your boss is going to be interviewed by the next company where you are going to work. Make sure that you make the letter positive enough to make them think about your positive accomplishments over your negative records. You can always do this by showing how thankful you are for the learning and the kind of treatment the company has given you.

Support the transition

Transition period is very difficult. Your employer will be shocked when he/she receives the resignation letter. It would take time before someone will be hired to take the position that you will be leaving. Show your support by stating that you are willing to assist in the transition by guiding the newly hired person until he/she is ready to assume the position. You can also add to the letter that you positively believe that they can find the right person for the post. If there are any projects that are left undone, you should take responsibility over it. As much as possible, give your resignation letter when you are sure that no projects nor assignments will be left undone once you leave the company.

End it with best regards for the company

In the end, you must have a personal note for the boss. It should be formally integrated in the letter. Make sure that you leave a good word for him/her by appreciating his/her supervision during your stay in the company.

Writing a resignation letter should be done with so much gratitude for the chance and the opportunity that they have given you. You should only be leaving kind words not only because you are grateful but also because you need a good feedback from them. Your job in your former job is going to be rated by your next employer. You should not leave any negative thought when you leave.