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How to YOLO

How to YOLO PhotoMany people want to know how to YOLO. They get the idea that you only live once. But they don’t know what exactly to do about it. The truth is that you’re only limited by your imagination.

Stop wasting time

Too many people live their lives as if they expect to live forever. That isn’t going to happen. Remember that you only have one life, and it’s a fairly short one at that. You need to make the most of your time on earth.

So don’t just spend entire afternoons watching television. It may be entertaining but it’s a huge time suck. You want your life to be something more than just wasted time. Really take a look at how you spend your hours.

Take risks

You can’t live a life held back by fear. Too many people just settle for something less because they’re afraid of failure. That’s not what YOLO is all about. Remember that you might only get once chance so you have to take it.

For example, you might be really into someone. But you’re afraid to approach the person because you might get a negative reaction. Don’t let that stop you. Yes, there’s the risk of failure, but by doing nothing you’ve already limited your life.

Seek out adventure

Don’t just settle for the day to day grind. Of course, people have responsibilities. You may be going to school or working at a job. That’s given, but it doesn’t have to be the sum total of your life.

Go out of town with friends for the weekend. Volunteer to build a house for someone in need. Get to know a part of town you rarely visit. Just do something different and be open to experiencing something new.

Make your life count

You only have one life to live after all. Ideally, you’ll want it to mean something. That way, when you’re gone, you’ll have some sort of lasting legacy. So do something good for others.

Contribute your money or time to a good cause. Support a local non-profit which does good things. Adopt an abused animal or orphaned child. Do something to make your life matter.

These are just some of the possible ways to YOLO. YOLO shouldn’t be an excuse to do stupid things. Instead, it should be a reason to do something worthwhile with your life. So keep these tips in mind, and keep on living.