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Important Questions to Ask at a Job Fair

Important Questions to Ask at a Job Fair PhotoWhen seeking for a job, you should be ready to ask intuitive queries to a recruiter at a job fair. As a job seeker, you should ask the recruiter how you can possibly meet with the company’s requirements and standards.

Since job fairs are usually overcrowded and involve casual interviews, you have to somewhat impress recruiters and leave a mark by throwing intelligent queries at them. In this way, you will increase your chances of being hired.

What are my chances for a career advancement?

Most employers will prefer to hire individuals who are eagerly interests to work with them for a long term. In this manner they will not need to hire employees often since the process of hiring will involve their time and resources.

Give them the impression that you are willing to grow with them by asking of advancement opportunities within their firm.

What skills and characteristics do you consider most?

By asking this question, you will also gauge how you can effectively meet with the standards of the company. However, it is important that you have basic ideas about the firm first before throwing out this question.

Afterwards, when the recruiter has answered their question, take note of the specific qualities they mentioned and connect it when you narrate your experiences to them.

Do you offer training programs for your employees?

Most often, companies will be impressed by applicants who are eager to learn more and enhance their skills. By asking this question, you will project your interest of continually upgrading your skill and impress recruiters.

However, it is important that you avoid sounding like you are after free sponsored trainings to upgrade your learning. You can also cite your experiences with previous employers who offer free trainings for their employees that lead to excellent result and work performance.

What educational degrees are you looking for?

Again, to benefit from asking recruiters this question, you should learn the company’s background first. Pretend that you don’t have any idea on what they are looking for. When the recruiter answers your query and it matched with the details in your resume, you can start spitting out the details of your educational achievements. Furthermore, mentioning the name of your school, especially if you come from a prestigious academic institution, will also be a plus factor.

What challenges will I expect from this type of job?

By asking this question, you are giving them the impression that you will not easily give up on challenges and is prepared for any of it.

It is also an opportunity to make use of the time when you have captured an interviewer to engage in an informal conversation. Learn everything you need to know about a specific job.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

This is an important query that will give you valuable ideas on the company’s work style and how it values its employees. Those recruiters who are highly satisfied with their job will reflect on the tone of their answers. However, you should think again if an answer is mostly generalized and less of a personal experience.