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Our writers don’t claim to be financial experts and any given advice given by the writers is meant to be generally helpful. What we do is to strictly to aid and motivate people in dealing with personal finance. Any information given is not an expert advice and should not be treated as such.


Clark Adams

Clark Adams is a freelance writer for financial blogs and is currently the Editor of IncomeTherapy.

Joyce Morse

Joyce is a professional writer who specializes in web content, SEO articles, and blog posts for businesses. She has a BS in Business Management and a background in banking, property management, retail, and home health care.

Elizabeth Moran

Elizabeth is a freelance writer and doctoral candidate located in the United States.  She is a contributor for several  blogs, and advises readers on a wide variety of financial topics.

Edward L.

Edward has a degree in Entrepreneurial Management and owns two online businesses manily focused on media, advertising, domaining and affiliate marketing. During his free time, he contributes to some of his online media properties through editing/writing/etc. He has a background in marketing, operations, finance and human resource management.

Jeff S.

Jeff is a freelance writer. He derives a kind of satisfaction from putting together a stream of words where there was previously just an empty screen. He also values the flexibility that comes from being able to work out of a coffee shop, in an airport lounge, at a resort somewhere, or anywhere with a mobile internet connection.

Kevin Lee

Kevin is currently a graduating student; studying IT-Software engineering. During his free-time, he engages in freelance writing.

William Njenga

William is a writer based in Nairobi, Kenya. He loves writing about finance.

Rienzi Fast

I’m a copywriter wannabe, explorer, a learner by nature and a blogger by heart. I spend most of my time blogging and I make a living with my piece. I also share the advocacy of helping fellow “wannabes” in their mission to success. That’s why I created a blog (NeedArticlesFast.com) where we can learn and share as writers, a blog for all.

Ron Jerome Bernardo

Ron is a freelance writer and blogger. He loves to read various topics of interests. He’s also a film enthusiast and maintains a blog containing his own reviews of listed films. Traveling, spelunking and hiking are also of great interest to this young man.

Audrey Laglagaron

Audrey is an unusually happy corporate mule during the day. She spends her nights as an even happier freelance writer for business and beauty blogs. She is a sucker for articles that will help her fill up her adventure fund piggy bank.

Erwin Dado

Erwin is a writer who enjoys learning and doing new stuff. He finds self help topics very interesting especially when it comes to financial matters. He is always curious and eager to find out how businesses work

Alec Jucar

Alec is an entry level writer who likes to blog and write articles. He spends his free time chatting with friends and surfing the net. His goal is to create his own brand of blogging. He’s currently a nurse practicing his profession while trying to give time for writing.

Jennevie Tanzon

My goal is to empower people to become money-smart. It ain’t hard to do, that is, if you know how to do it.

Angelo Chongco

Angelo was born in Manila, Philippines. He’s twenty two years old who aspires to be a fiction writer / blogger / web developer / programmer. He took up an IT – programming course and have been working in the BPO industry for 5 years. On his primary and secondary schools, he was a member of the journalism club and specializes on feature writing.

Pamela Descallar

A 22-year old registered nurse who currently does online writing and blogging. My likes include a passion for travelling, cooking and entrepreneurship. I do believe that there are no shortcuts for success yet getting one is not impossible.

Aileen Enerlan

I am an industrial engineer who gave up my career to become a full time mom. But thanks to modern technology, I still receive a steady flow of income even in the comfort of my own home. I love the idea of getting paid doing something that I love to do – WRITING.

Ava Barientos

Ava Barientos is a writer and researcher who has worked for various humanitarian organizations for more than 12 years. Since 2012, she has been lurking the web to do the same profession in diverse niches while trying to finish a few technical books that’s taking her forever. She occasionally designs research works for her former colleagues and provides free coaching and mentoring when requested.

Cenon Edsel Gaytos

He is an English teacher, and a writer. He is dedicated to both arts.

Ellen S.

I am a passionate writer who wants to share ideas and information while continuously learning  in the process. I find satisfaction knowing that people learn through what I write. I do believe that the pen is mightier than a sword.

Francis Sia

Francis Sia is a freelance writer who can write about anything and everything under the sun. When in his downtime, he enjoys reading, playing sports, and annoying people.

Guenee Abragan

A wife, soon-to-be-mother, and excellent writer.

Hannarisa L.

Hannarisa has been working as a freelance writer for almost two years now. Though medical and health-related subjects are what she is most interested, being a registered nurse; she enjoys writing on various subjects.

Jaime Tolentino

Jaime spent 12 years in the corporate world as a sales and marketing manager.  He has vast experience in consumer durable goods as well as financial services.  Writing online has been his passion for a few years now and he writes based mostly on his expertise as a sales and marketing person and entrepreneur.

Jovarie Saplad

I’m a mother to a beautiful little girl. I love to travel and write. I know I’m blessed because of the family that I have and an endless love.

Val Callos

Val Callos is a passionate writer who wants to express anything under the sun as much as possible in black and white. He always strive for knowledge as well as new experiences. Writing has always been his first love and will always be.

Martina Lopez

Martina is a funky, fierce female who immerses herself in everything – from acting to zumba, you name it, she’s done it. She describes herself as a cheapskate, but someone who still has fun while saving every penny.


In charge of marketing, promotion, research and article/topic contribution.

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