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Outsourcing SEO Services to Rank in Google

I’ve been outsourcing a lot of work online for as long as I can remember, including search engine optimization. Here are the most common places where I get my SEO services outsourced.

oDesk for SEO

oDesk really changed how the my world works – at least for me. I use oDesk regularly to hire contractors consisting of content writers, bloggers, designers, virtual assistants, back link builders, software developers, and tons more.

If I’m having difficulty with anything online,  oDesk contractors are just a few minutes away.

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I’m a huge fan of oDesk and I’ve been using it for years. I have tried others but I keep coming back to oDesk, my one true outsourcing love.

For the SEO method, there are a couple of factors that’ll determine if I’d be using black hat or white hat back links. It really depends on what type of business the website’s about. I use black hat for websites that aren’t brands (keyword domains that I need to rank) and white hat for brands.

It’s more expensive to hire people with experience from oDesk, but from there I’m able to get good white hat back links to my website. I just make sure to read the previous clients’ ratings and feedbacks. This gives me an idea of how well the contractor can do the job.

I rarely get bad results from oDesk. Probably since I know who to hire and what to expect.

How I see Black Hat and White Hat

By the way, here are my most basic explanations of white hat and black hat back links:

  • White hat = Hard work/Extra effort= Organic and natural back links = Steady rank increase
  • Black hat = Faster and cheaper way to rank = There’s a possibility that I won’t find my site on Google when you wake up the following day = SCARY!

Fiverr for Cheap SEO

Recently i’ve been doing an experiment on websites that I want to rank by hiring SEO providers from Fiverr. You can get thousands of back links to your website for only $5. They claim that their service will get a site on the first page of Google in 1-2 weeks. GUARANTEED.

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Guaranteed? Seriously? I’m not an expert, but I know that for $5 you’ll get what you pay for. Translation: Ineffective Not as effective

I’m sure that if I give them a keyword like “Mesothelioma Lawyer”, I won’t get on the page 1 of Google. Not for $5. Not even for $100. Not unless I use Adwords to get a $100-per-click ad. With that, I’ll get 1 visitor – who I’m sure will be some random person researching about cancers or lawyers.

For $5 worth of SEO on a noncompetitive niche… Why not?

I lowered my defense and gave it a shot.

I also tried Yooker (similar to Fiverr but more focused on SEO Services). I wanted to try other sites but it’d be best if I focused on Fiverr first.

I’m still in the process of analyzing the data I gathered with my Fiverr for SEO experiment and it’s too early to tell if it’s successful. My keywords are still doing the Google Dance.

No black hat back link blasts to my money site please!

I only tested the Fiverr SEO service with my non-brand keyword domains. If it doesn’t work or if it backfires and I lose my ranking completely, then the loss wouldn’t be as big.

So far so good. I’m seeing a slight increase in ranking. I’ll post the results to my case study in another post.

Auto Tools and Programs for SEO

Most of the people from Fiverr use tools for their SEO service. They use it to automatically blast thousands of comments, articles, social bookmarks, profile backlinks, etc. It works great  for some people, but for the unfortunate others, their rankings are blasted to oblivion as well. And it’s very difficult (and expensive) to come back once you’re sandboxed by Google Almighty.

As for this automatic back link building tools, I don’t know how to use them so I just outsource this or I hire people with these kinds of tools and ask them to use it for me as they create back links.

I’m not that hardcore in terms of link building so I leave everything to the “experts.” What’s important is the end result – while crossing my fingers that it’s not just something like a Google Honeymoon, where my sites will have top ranking for a couple of days then get sent to another dimension where no one can see it again. Ever.

Checking Rank Result and Back links

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Once all the outsourcing is done, the contractors will send their report. I wouldn’t want to check all the back links they did manually so I use some of free programs for that.

I use Free Monitor for Google. It’s a tool that checks the ranking of my keywords and compares them to my previous rank. That way, I can check if the SEO campaign I outsourced was effective.

That’s enough for me.

Context clue: Free.

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I use ScrapeBox Link Checker to verify that the reports given to me are accurate. It checks if links to my domain are found on the sites included in the report. It’s a good program and it does its job. Again, another free tool for link building noobs like moi.

Google vs Yahoo SEO Results

I can’t say too much about Yahoo since I’m more focused on ranking on Google. Once I rank on Google, I also rank on Yahoo. I don’t know the correlation. I really just wanted a “Google vs. Yahoo” section since it’s eye-catching.

Kidding aside, based on my experience, it’s easier to rank on Yahoo if you offer a legitimate, non-spam website with useful content. It even ranks my websites for highly competitive search terms even if it doesn’t have any back links.

In addition, a portion of my websites get more traffic from Yahoo, specially the ones with competitive keywords.

Outsourcing SEO for Long Term Traffic

For  me, outsourcing search engine optimization (or doing the SEO yourself) is cheaper than paid advertising on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads (or other PPC/PPV programs).

By outsourcing contractors, I get to focus on other things like content building and management of other websites. You can also look for SEO firms to do the SEO of your websites for you but this may be a little pricey.

Once I rank number one in a certain keyword on Google, it will guarantee me steady traffic for months (until my rankings drop). This would mean thousands of organic visitors. And maintaining the top position isn’t as costly as getting there.

Getting a high rank in Google naturally may take weeks to months or even longer if i’m aiming for high competition search terms. But on my way up, I get traffic as well. More traffic, more money. And more money means more people you can hire!