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Recruitment and Retention Strategy

Recruitment and Retention Strategy PhotoIf you had worked for a company before then you know that having to apply, train as well as learn new skills is not an easy task. Furthermore, it is costly on the employers’ part since you have to spend money and time to weed out all your best candidates for the job you are looking to fill. A good way on how you can save on your budget is through retention on your best employees – but how can you go about doing so?

Recruiting qualified applicants

Recruit only qualified people because they’re the ones you want to add to your employee pool. This is very important because who you recruit, are the employees you want to work with. These people are the ones you are going to be around all day, every day. You might as well like them. This is why you need well qualified people to hire because as a business leader you want people who will do the job right the first time around. You need to look really hard at applicants so that you get the most qualified people for the job you need done.

Retaining talented employees

You want to keep the employees who do their jobs well. These are the employees to keep. You do not want employees who fool around or who are lazy. You want to keep really talented employees who are hard working because if they’re not, then you do not want them. You need people who are talented at the things they do because you get better ideas and results that way. You need to be certain that your employees are happy where they are because if other businesses try to recruit them and they are not happy, then they will leave your company. You will lose out on talent when they leave. You do not want to lose talent to your competition. You want to keep it for yourself.

Get your employees to recruit new applicants

Getting new recruits can be hard but you can get your employees to recruit for your business. Then they get to help you look for new talent. That makes your employees relationship with you better because they will know you value their opinions. By valuing your employees opinions, you strengthen the relationship between them and you. It also helps them work harder for you because they want to be good employees. Recruiting new employee potentials should be a part of your business meetings. You should talk to your employees about new recruits. This way you always have a revolving applicant base to hire from. You need to hire only the best.

Research your feedback system

You need to research your feedback system by listening to your employees. They will tell you who is doing their job and who is not. They will tell you who is difficult to work with and who is always late. If you listen hard enough, they will also tell to what they think of you as a boss. They will tell you who you should hire and fire. Your employees are your feedback system, in any good working business. If you system is not working for you then you need to look at why and what might be wrong. If there is something wrong then you need to fix it so that it works.  You need to talk to people as your research base. Your employees want people they like to work with so let them help pick them out for you.