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6 Mutual Fund Investing Strategies

6 Mutual Fund Investing Strategies PhotoThe world of investment is a large maze, and you should know how to cross it in various ways. Getting stuck in the middle or trapped for that matter may cause your cash to go down the drain.

With mutual funds alone, there are tons of strategies you should know. This is to strengthen the assurance that your investment won’t go to waste.

Ready to start your lessons? If so, better read along.

Know the types of mutual funds

Knowing the kinds of mutual funds will give you a wider selection of which you will focus on. With that being said, it will then be much easier for you to determine which kind will spare your cash from going to waste.

  • Stock funds – it is sometimes referred to as equity funds. This kind of mutual fund gains a higher value for long term situations. It is also considered as the most risky type of investment because there is no short cut and you have to endure the long period of waiting before you see the results.
  • Money market funds – this type is the total opposite of stock funds when it comes to level of risk. Money market funds offer investors a chance to learn much about investing without dealing with too much stress.
  • Bond funds – although this kind of fund is also known to have high risks, at the same time it also has higher yields. This is because bonds don’t have any restrictions.

Choose the right schedule

Another strategy lies in the schedule of investing. The level of fluctuations in the world of investment is quite high. From stock prices to other aspects that have bigger roles, all these can fluctuate anytime.

You should invest strategically at the right time when all the benefits and advantages are on your side.

Utilize index funds

Index funds are also helpful when it comes to investing strategies. Instead of hiring and needing to pay analysts and managers, you can replace them by having index funds. This is quite an effective way to cut costs.


If you want something that’s simpler, the target-date strategy is perfect for you. This strategy is applicable only for retirement accounts. It equally divides your assets among bonds, stocks, cash and sometimes, commodities.

Growth mutual funds

As the name implies, this strategy means investing in growing funds. A growth stock is any company that is young but having a fast-growing revenue. With this strategy, you will be far from any financial risks entailed in investing.


The dollar-cost investment strategy will give you enough time to deal with the payment. Unlike the lump-sum investing, this dollar-cost entails you to invest a fixed amount based on a pre-set schedule. Indeed, a perfect strategy to avoid plunking a boatload of cash.

With these six most common strategies for mutual fund investing, you surely won’t have difficulties in choosing the right one. Regardless of your choice, you should keep in mind that knowledge about investing is the most beneficial trait you should keep.

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    I agree that dollar cost averaging with mutual funds is far less risky than trying to time the stock market. But you’re profit potential will not be as great.