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Social Responsibility in Advertising

Social Responsibility in Advertising PhotoAccording to Steuart Henderson Britt of the Marketing Management and Administrative Action, “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.”

This is because advertising is a marketing strategy used by many companies whose main goal is to make people aware that a certain company exists. Advertising can be through television commercials, newspapers, radio advertisements, magazines, billboards, and internet websites. Through these, businesses canreach out to their target market about their latest products and services.

It is important for advertising agencies or companies to know what roles they play in the society. It is a social responsibility to let the people be informed with utmost fairness and honesty. Here are some below.

Portray good values

Nowadays social media is the primary factor that affects people especially kids and teenagers’ outlook in life. This is because a large percentage of the day is spent on watching television, listening to music, and accessing to websites like Facebook and Twitter. In order to help in promoting good ethics and values, advertisements should contain moral information such as importance of family, healthy body and environment, safety and as well as obeying rules and laws.

Provide factual information

Advertising can be likened to a leverage point wherein it is made to inform consumers and make them understand product values. However, some advertisements often provide “exaggerated” information in order to persuade the viewers to buy the product being presented without considering that they are providing wrong information . If possible, advertisements should contain facts and figures as to how it affects a big percentage of society.

Content of message

Letting people know on the probable effects of the product being advertised is another responsibility of advertising. However, stressing on effects of the product may cause reduction on the number of buying consumers. This is because when you stress on the possible effects it could give either a positive or a negative impression. Just like on cigarette and alcohol advertisements, it is necessary to provide a precaution on excessive use of these products.

Encouraging responsible viewers

Considering on how you could provide beneficial and helpful information is a way of meeting advertising responsibilities. Advertisements should practice on encouraging their viewers to know and do their individual responsibilities in their home and community, as well as in their environment by laying out the pros and cons of every product being advertised.

Advertising should be beyond that earning on the product being advertised. It should provide right and unbiased information for all viewers and readers alike.