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Starting a Plumbing Business

Starting a Plumbing Business PhotoAll homes have plumbing of some sort, and at one point or another, it will break, or at least require some sort of maintenance. That is why a plumbing business can be a very lucrative opportunity to earn, and you can start up your own plumbing business with these few very easy steps.

Apply for the necessary permits

Depending on the location, you would have to follow certain guidelines in order to operate your business. This is no problem if you do plumbing services as a side job, but operating licenses are required if you intend on running a full time business. Other licenses and certifications may also be needed, depending on the location where you would like to operate.

Learn the skills required

There are a lot of skills required when performing plumbing services. You must know the basic as well as the repair procedures for different kinds of pipes and equipment such as drains, toilets, tubs, and maybe even water tanks. You must not be queasy about dirt and grime as chances are you will get dirty.

Plumbing is also not a job for claustrophobic people as you will surely have to crawl through tiny spaces in order to get to the root of the problem.

Be knowledgeable

Running a plumbing business does not only require brawn. Plumbers do not some basic knowledge in both math and chemistry when computing for pipe lengths as well as when mixing solutions for sealing or other purposes.

Brains are also required in order to run a business successfully. Things like accounting, logistics, and other factors play a role as to whether you would be earning money or letting it run down the drain.


Plumbers more often than not advertise through word of mouth of satisfied, or dissatisfied, customers. Thus, it is always important to provide good service as well as maintain a good rapport with clients. This way, they would keep coming back to you and they might even recommend you to a few of their friends.

Join a network or franchise

On the other hand, you can also opt to join a network of plumbing businesses or join a franchise. This will help you immensely with regards to getting known as well as getting information on how to improve your services.

However, you might also be bound by certain procedures and limitations that come along with your membership, something that would not exist should you choose to run your business independently.