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Tax Benefits of Starting a Small Business

Tax Benefits of Starting a Small Business PhotoBoth Federal and State governments encourage people to go into entrepreneurship that is why there are tax benefits given when you are starting a small business. There are many kinds of deductions available and some small business owners overlook the opportunity to avail of the benefits given to them. To make sure that you benefit from the government’s allowable tax benefits, just remember the following.

Start-up cost is deductible

When you are starting out a small business, you have to record all tour expenses. It includes the research made before you put up the venture, training of employees, and other expenses leading to the establishment and start of operations. Although not all expenses can be tax deductible, it is still a welcome respite especially because you cannot expect to make good profit on the first year of operations.

Vehicle use benefit

There is also the benefit to deduct the expenses incurred by using company vehicles. The deduction is based on the repair and depreciation as well as the mileage used in using the said vehicles. Only a portion of the expenses incurred are deductible in this case but any amount that can lower the tax due to a small business is still a big help. If you will use your own car solely for business purposes, the expenses incurred is deductible. If however it will be used both for personal and business, then the expenses must be divided as the government is willing to shoulder only business expenses in this regard.

Purchase of business equipment

Every business needs equipment to be used in operations. The government actually allows deduction of equipment expenses that are newly purchased and it does not matter if the said equipment is used or brand new. The amount deductible varies every year depending on the IRS so it is best to check how much amount is deductible. Aside from outright deduction, the business owner also has the option to just write off on a yearly basis the divided cost of the equipment by means of depreciation.


When you make repairs to your business office or equipment, it is treated as a business expense and therefore deductible. Repairs are necessary to keep your office equipment in good working condition.

Your home as the office

When you use your home as your business office, it qualifies you to claim for deductions in terms of repair, insurance, and mortgage interest among others. To qualify however, it must be shown that your home or part of it is used regularly or exclusively for the business. The general rule is that you can deduct the entire amount of business expense as long as it is deemed as ordinary and necessary for the operation of the business.