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What is Business Overhead Insurance?

What is Business Overhead Insurance? PhotoBy definition, business overhead insurance is designed to help pay the fixed expenses of a business in the event that the owner or the co-owner is unable to work or becomes disabled. This is especially helpful for small businesses that rely largely on the ability of the owner to generate income.

Who would benefit from business overhead insurance

Professionals who operate their own businesses like engineers, lawyers, physicians, accountants and doctors belong to the group who would benefit from business overhead insurance. These people are the active income generators of the business. Should they be unable to perform their duties and obligations, the business would be crippled and unable to bring in money to pay bills and expenses.

The key features of business overhead insurance

Entrepreneurs and business owners who are between 18 to 60 years old are qualified to apply for coverage. If you get this plan, you cannot cancel it until you have already reached the age of 65. After this age, you have the option to renew your plan under the condition that you continue to have full-time work for at least 30 hours in a week. Also, you have to stay responsible for all the fixed expenses of the business.

What is covered by business overhead insurance plan

As the name implies, the business overhead insurance plan covers the overhead expenses of the business like the salaries of employees, payments on property and equipment rental, general office supplies, business insurance expenses, legal and accounting fees, property taxes and utility payments.

The main benefits of business overhead insurance

As quick as 15 days after the time of disability, the plan holder can already start receiving the benefits. The premiums you pay are considered as a business expense and may be tax-deductible. There are also plenty of options such as the ability to raise coverage if you choose to. In some instances, financial assistance is also provided during the transition back to work.

If you do not purchase a business overhead insurance policy, you will have a lesser chance at saving your company during trouble times. Getting a plan that will cover the fixed expenses of the business will give you the assurance that your business will not suffer along with you should there be any unpleasant events that will happen to you. Despite the fact that you will not be able to work, your business would still be able to pay its dues.