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What is Proactive Management

What is Proactive Management PhotoProactive management style is the preferred method of many organizations. It is a leadership strategy where the manager or business owner does not wait for problems to occur before making adjustments. The leaders of the organization are given the authority to decide on certain matters that are within their jurisdiction to ensure that there is continued flow of operations without needing to consult higher management.

In today’s many organizational as well as small business set-up, there are situations where the manager must act on his own when a problem is anticipated to happen. To elevate the issue to the higher management or to delay the action could result in lost productivity so it is important to decide right then and there. This is different from the usual reactive management method where the manager must wait for a problem to come before he should make any decision.

Benefit of proactive management

The leadership qualities of the manager are enhanced when he is proactive. This can also influence the employees to take a proactive stance in their job. It fosters a healthy working environment where everybody is empowered to learn new things as well as to anticipate problems that might be encountered later on.

Disadvantage of proactive management

With a proactive management style, the common disapproval is coming from employees themselves. The system requires regular meetings between managers and employees and this takes away some level of productivity especially if the meetings are on a daily basis. Also, some employees do not agree that they have to be responsible for more than what their job specifications declare.

Another disadvantage is the tendency of the proactive management method to bring out the potentials of employees. Depending on the organizational set-up, this could create animosity between employees especially if one is promoted ahead of the rest. This management method does not adhere to seniority as basis for promotion of an employee and this is where problems occur from time to time.

Why be proactive

Whether you are a small business owner or a top corporate honcho running the affairs of a big conglomerate, a proactive management style is important for many reasons. The business landscape is ever changing and never static. Every organization must be able to roll with the signs of the times and to do it, a proactive management style is important.

There is no guarantee that a proactive management method can make a company succeed. But it is one of the main ingredients for success so many companies adhere to this management philosophy.