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What to Wear for an Interview?

What to Wear for an Interview? PhotoFor jobseekers, it is crucial to make a good impression to the employers. The appearance or the attire worn can make an impact during a job interview. Thus, you should know the right outfit to wear for an interview for you to get favorable impression even before you respond to the questions and show your credentials. Here are some fashion tips that you should remember to display appropriate image during a job interview.


Dark-colored suit

It is more attractive for men to wear solid color suits. This should be matched with appropriate long-sleeve shirt. Suits with earth tones or lighter colors won’t look smart for an interview. It is best to wear jackets and not use vests.

Conservative tie

One should choose a tie that fits the color of the suit. It is preferable to wear a tie that is made from pure silk. The necktie should be tied in Windsor knot. Avoid ties with cartoon characters and other patterns as they can be distracting and won’t look formal.

Leather shoes

Dark-colored shoes are preferred. One should wear black socks and leather belt. Leather shoes look formal and professional. The suit should not be matched with rubber shoes or sneakers which can look awkward. It is important that one looks good from head to toe.

Clean aftershave look

Beard and mustache don’t look too clean for one who is going for an interview. Hence, you should shave these so that you get a clean look that will impress others.


Neat hairstyle

A neat hairdo is a must for women. If you have long hair, you can go for a pony tail, bun or just leave it untied but make sure that your hair doesn’t cover your face. For one with short hair, a well-combed shiny hair will do.

Conservative suit

Dark-colored suits that feature pants or skirts are great for a job interview. When you choose to wear a skirt, it should be knee-length. Choose a tailored blouse that matches with the suit you want to wear. Moreover, you can go for a dress if you prefer it. Choose a plain-colored dress and avoid those with patterns. There are actually many options that you can go for to look smart casual for an interview.

Limited jewelry

Avoid using too many accessories. A pair of earrings, a bracelet and watch will do. Make sure that they also match the attire that you are wearing. Sterling silver fashion accessories can be great as they complement any attire.

Light make-up

Don’t overdo your make-up. Just use a little so that you won’t look pale when you get nervous on the interview. Avoid darker shades for eyeshadow and too dark lipstick. A make-up that appears natural-looking will be great for you.

Moderate shoes

You have to wear comfortable shoes. Close-toed pumps will be great for those who are wearing pants and skirts. Stilettos may also be great to wear. Make sure that you use the appropriate color for your footwear and avoid those that look flashy.

Men should look smart in their suits and women should avoid dressing up too sexy for the interview. The appropriate attire is what’s required during a job interview. And in the business world, appropriate attire means wearing a conservative outfit and getting that smart look.