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What to Wear to a Job Interview

What to Wear to a Job Interview


A job interview can be the most terrifying part of entering a new company. Not only will you face those strict-looking interviewers, and deal with the tricky questions that will make your hands sweat, you will also have to do everything in your power to impress everyone looking at you. Well, it can easily be done by wearing the perfect attire. And perfect means something that matches the job and the company you’re applying for. Here are a couple of tips to know on what to wear on a job interview. Read along.

Think about your potential job

If you’re applying as the supervisor of a convenience store, most like you should wear formal attire such as long sleeve polo top and slacks. Appearing in the interview session in coat and tie is just too “over formal.”

On the contrary, if you’re applying for a middle to high-class position, in a big and well-known company, then you can enter their premises in a matching coat and tie with black leather shoes. As it is said earlier, it’s very important to match your attire for the job you’re applying to.

Color mixture

From your handkerchief to your socks, everything should be picture perfect. Wearing colored socks is a big no. Although it can’t be easily seen, it’s better to be sure. As much as possible, your handkerchief should also match your attire. Think of how odd would look if you’re wearing a well-ironed coat and a light blue tie with a purple hankie? Though this color mixture aspect won’t magically give you the position it’s just right to show these people you’re someone worth the try.

Accessories matter as well

For the ladies who love accessories, you should skip checking your jewelry box when attending a job interview. A necklace, ring and a pair of earrings would be fine but wearing rings on almost all your fingers is a different story. It’s also not advisable to wear dangling earrings and layered necklace as well.

As for the men, there’s not much issue when it comes to accessories. Just avoid wacky and colorful watches and cartoon printed ties.


It’s indeed a trend to have that bedroom hairstyle for both men and women. It is obtained by leaving your hair in a messed up but sexy look. However, it’s not advisable to wear this kind of hairstyle on a job interview. For girls, it would be great if you’ll tie your long hair in a ponytail. Avoid braids and other complicated styles. Men on the other hand should just keep their hair well-combed. You may use a bit of gel if needed. Avoiding wet-look hair is also recommended.

Going to an interview is not like having a date. You should remain simple yet elegant. Yes, elegant that is, and it’s very possible to incorporate elegance with a business attire. Don’t expect your clothes to be the key towards getting the job. It’s just something that you should pay attention to so that people around will have that hint that you’re indeed worth the job.

  • http://www.achadirect.com/ Maja

    Dressing the part for a job interview can be as important as what your resume says about you. Underdress, and you may not be taken seriously for the job you want. Overdress, and you may be seen as not “getting” the corporate culture of the company.

  • Randy

    Dressing is very important for sure. Good manners are important as well. Having your phone ring during an interview is inconsiderate and rude