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Why Get Homeowners Insurance

Why Get Homeowners Insurance PhotoGetting another insurance policy might just be another burden to your already loaded financial responsibility. You might already have mortgages, electric bills, food expenses, and transportation costs to fit in your budget – why add more to the long list of living expenses?

What are the benefits of getting homeowners insurance? Is it worth it? Below are some of the benefits that can be gained from getting this additional insurance.

Protection of investment

Whatever the type of residence you have, you can still get this insurance. Whether you own a house, a condominium unit, or even if you’re a renter, you can protect your possessions from potential hazards.

The majority of homeowners insurance offers protection against the 16 common hazards; some of them namely: lightning, riot, aircraft, explosion, vandalism, smoke, theft, windstorm or hail, falling objects, volcanic eruption, snow, sleet, and weight of ice.

Damage due to faulty wirings, pipes bursting and other malfunctions are usually covered provided that they’re not caused by negligence on the part of the homeowner. Even renovations and reparations can be covered by insurance.

Affordable premiums

Homeowner policies can just be anywhere within a few hundred dollars a year. That’s not a bad deal for the wide protection coverage you’ll get.

Payment convenience

Many insurance companies offer various payment methods for your convenience. You can either pay by mail, online or through automatic deductions. There are also options if you want to pay monthly, quarterly or in one lump sum.

Liability protection

There’s a possibility of someone getting hurt accidentally while inside your residence or property. This can expose you to problems like paying for medical bills or getting sued by the injured party. Having liability insurance can help you in this scenario.

If all conditions are met, your insurer would cover the medical expenses of the injured party up to the amount stated in the coverage. You’ll also have legal representation provided by the insurance company to settle cases and claims that third parties might bring against you.

Option to add more coverage

Many policies do not automatically cover damage caused by floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. It’s the discretion of the homeowner if he/she wants to add coverage for these for an additional cost. More options are available depending on the company offering the policy.

Increased preparedness

If you know that your properties are insured, you’ll feel more secured and prepared for anything that could happen. When disaster strikes, you can focus your attention in saving only the necessary documents and possessions you have.

Faster recovery

In case the worst happens, you have something to hold on to. Insurance payouts will help you rebuild and recover from the misfortunes that happened. Reparations in your home and repurchases can also be done immediately without worrying too much about finances.

Less stress, more peace of mind

Knowing that your properties and possessions are insured gives you more security. That’s one thing less to worry about.

The feeling of loss can bring a lot of stress, straining your psychological, emotional and even your physical capacity. Being insured lets you recover faster, relieving you from these anxieties.