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Why Get Life Insurance?

Why Get Life Insurance?

You might be having car insurance, home insurance, health insurance or business insurance, but above those securities you have to secure purchasing “Life Insurance”.

Though insurance agents are truly annoying from collecting money and minding deadlines of payment, it’s just simply part of the process of acquiring it in the long run. The money generated from your life insurance could address multiple fundamental needs you could have in the future.

But why should you get “Life insurance” above anything else?

Remember that future is so uncertain and dark ages are undeniably coming to each and everyone.

Perhaps you have questions and doubt with life insurance, but here are some reasons to better understand why you have to purchase Life Insurance.

I am not dying yet , why should I?

It is practical to be secured and it is wise to make yourself ready. You could say that you’re healthy and there is no history of any disease in your family. You could also say that you’re not going to die from accidents or terrible illness as research shows that most American die from those. But what is certain in life is death.

I don’t need anything

You might enjoy life insurance later on when you don’t need it- You might reason that you live by yourself. But what if marriage will come to your way sooner or later? Better make it happen before it’s too late.

Would it give best shot to my family?

Yes it will! It will provide your spouse and your children financial support (or for your future family). As the quote says, “Life insurance is not for those who die, but for those who live.” This could mean that your (future) wife and your (future) family could have a house to move from, could afford to finance the needs of children and to avoid hardships in any case you leave them ahead of time.

One member of the family could be unexpectedly sick or disabled or unable to work after your death. It then guarantees you that one could be financially supported. Life insurance is primarily your back-up.

Helps you with debts

There’s no worry for your family to pay the debt you incurred. Life insurance can also be used to pay your debts.

Funeral and Hospital

Another benefit to your family is that it covers medical and funeral payments. It is very likely that the insured will incur huge hospital bills prior to death and more also with the funeral service.

How about my family’s source of income?

Life insurance provides a source of income for your family or your spouse who would choose not to work. The money or financial support to be received by beneficiaries is a great help to start to for a living or in making investments

Bottom line

Life insurance gives you peace of mind as you die or even during you live. If you become terminally ill, you will not spend your last days of life worrying about your family, and regretting that you didn’t purchase life insurance.

  • http://www.nonmedcanada.ca/ Robert Hardy

    Life is so uncertain and that is why everyone, including you, should have life insurance in place. If you die, your life insurance needs to be able to replace your lost income for many years to come so your family doesn’t have to alter their way of life.