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Why Invest in Gold?

Why Invest in Gold? Photo

Are you thinking about better investments? Or maybe you are starting a small business or you are a multi-millionaire individual seeking for best direction of your cash?

In this tough decision making, I prefer you to invest in gold.

Kind of expensive though!

You might have this impression which is normally drawn by everybody. Simply because gold has its lasting brand which is “COSTLY”?

But gold is not about being “EXPENSIVE”, it’s about how it would become the moment you work with it.

The recession would always have its way into the economy, which is really uncertain.

One thing about having gold as an investment is that whether the economy would turn upside down you won’t probably get affected… Below are several reasons for you to make gold your choice.

It saved the economy from a terrible downturn

According to a recent research by Trinity College of Connecticut, USA, they found that buying gold is a good hedge against declines. That’s because gold prices increased dramatically during a Stock Market crash.

The research showed that from 1999 through 2006 gold prices had increased. When the stock market decline and the recession happened, investors panicked, sold their stocks and bought gold. When the panic was over, they sold gold again and the money was moved back to their stocks.

Similarly, gold also tends to gain value as the value of the dollar declines. Gold was bought also against inflation.

It is more than just a commodity, its coinage

Way back to its history, it was used in the market for buying and selling for 5000 years now. Buyers and sellers would see it as lasting tangible profit. Nowadays, money has been a substitute for gold which is called “fiat currencies”. Below are the analogies between fiat currency and gold.

  1. It is not controlled by the government same with silver.
  2. Currencies like Euro-s, dollars, pounds, etc. do not represent anything intangible. Rather “fiat” currencies which value are due to government decree.
  3. Gold treats everyone fairly. Unlike the fiat currency, no one can raise gold up out of thin air to spend for themselves and get others to do their bidding
  4. Gold is convertible to any goods or stocks.
  5. The value of gold stands independent from government laws
  6. The pressures of massive debt by the US government is tempting for them to inflate dollars so much that it will become almost less valuable in order that the debts can be easily paid.

It’s glitter gives lasting assurance

  1. Jewelry consistently accounts for over two-thirds of annual demand. Thus, the industry ornaments are highly consumable.
  2. It is a hedge against financial crises. As Joe Foster, portfolio manager of the New York-based Van Eck International Gold Fund, explained in September 2010:

“The currencies of all the major countries, including ours, are under severe pressure because of massive government deficits. The more money that is pumped into these economies – the printing of money basically – then the less valuable the currencies become.”